Club Rules



The Board of Directors has decided to replace formal club rules with this guidance. Members and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this guidance at all times.

On the Course

Golfing matters are dealt with by our Golf Committee who apply the Rules of the R&A. Our local rules are printed on the scorecard.

The Club shares the Common with the public whose safety is of the utmost importance. A shot must not be played if a member of the public is within range. When there is fog, play must not commence from the first tee unless the flag on the green can be seen nor, thereafter, if the player cannot see where his shot may land.

Golfing visitors will have their name, contact details and whether they wish to ‘opt in’ to having that information used for marketing purposes entered into the Green Fee Book.

A member may introduce visitors to the course on payment of a reduced green fee but a visitor cannot be introduced more than six times in any year unless that visitor has a current application for membership on file.

In the Clubhouse

The Club is fully licensed to sell alcohol. Members and visitors must comply with the conditions of the license.

The Club welcomes well behaved dogs in the Clubhouse. No person under the age of FOURTEEN shall be allowed in the main bar unless accompanied by an adult.

No member or visitor shall take away or permit to be taken away from the Clubhouse under any pretence whatsoever or shall injure or destroy any newspaper, pamphlet, book, or other property of the Club. No paper, notice, or placard written or printed shall be exhibited on the Notice Board or placed in the Clubhouse without the sanction of the Secretary.


The Club has a relaxed dress code which is posted on notice-boards in the Clubhouse and to which all members and visitors should adhere, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

The club will handle information consistent with data protection principles. Member information will be collected via the membership application form with an expectation that the member will notify the club of any changes.

The Club wishes to provide a good service. Ideally, complaints should be made at the time, if this is not possible written complaints should be given to the Secretary. Unresolved matters should be submitted to the Board of Directors whose decision shall be final. In no instance shall a servant or contractor of the Club be reprimanded directly by a member.

Any member or visitor whose conduct, either in the Clubhouse or on the course, is considered inappropriate, may be asked to leave the premises by a Director, the Secretary, or staff.

The Articles of Association are the main rules and regulations which govern the running of the Club. They can be found on the Club’s website and are available for inspection in the Clubhouse. They contain provisions covering membership including, in the case of serious misconduct, the ability of the Directors to terminate a membership.

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Note that our bar is not open on Mondays and that on Mondays the clubhouse is locked at 5pm.